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by Darcy Dole
Establish Profiles on Social Networking Sites: Every week, create 1-2 profiles on new social media sites. Find web sites that are relevant to your niche or industry, as well as sites that have a high PageRank and can bring in quality traffic. Once you’ve found credible sites, build html backlinks from those sites back to your web site. (Weekly)
Create Alerts On Q&A Web sites: Set up alerts that allow you to monitor Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers for questions that are asked and are relevant to your industry. When you get an alert that a relevant question has been asked, respond to those questions as a way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and to build backlinks and traffic to your web site. (Daily)
Perform A Variety of Social Bookmarking Tasks: Once you’ve created quality content on your site, use social bookmarking sites to bookmark the content. Social bookmarking should be done with every post you believe is of the highest quality. Reviews and roundup posts fare well on social bookmarking web sites, but test different types of post to find out what works best for your industry. (Per Post)
Buzz: Monitor the keywords you’ve selected to target and respond every time those keywords are mentioned in blog posts, forums, twitter status updates, or articles on the web. Blog commenting, forum responses, and social networking commenting are tasks you should be doing on a daily basis. (Daily)
Content Generation: Write how-to and informative articles and post them on high PageRank and highly trafficked sites. In the resource box, link back to your web site with one or two keywords. Monitor social networking sites, industry newsletters, and google blogs for ideas for new content. (Weekly)
Keep An Eye On Competitive Backlinks: You should be monitoring your competition to find out what they’re doing as far as SEO and web site updates, but are you monitoring the backlinks that they are getting? Every time you get an alert (or manually check) that a new backlink is created to your competitors site, try to procure a backlink from that web site to your site. (Weekly)
Find Directory Submission Outlets: Find relevant directories that you can submit your web site to. Quality directories will have a higher PageRank and will include categories and topics that are relevant to your niche. (Weekly)

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