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by Cheryl L. True
Cheap accounting software is all many people need. Many small businesses can keep accurate records and meet your reporting requirements with simple software. Now some companies have very complex requirements and need powerful solutions. But many companies just need a simple, easy to use system. Consider your options.
Free is good. Even free may work. Even Microsoft has a free accounting package. It is best suited for small home businesses and individuals. But it may be good enough. But remember there really is no free software. See you have to learn to use it and that’s not a small task. Make sure your learning investment is done on a product that will really do what you need. Otherwise you’re wasting time and your precious energy.
But is it good enough? Buy enough accounting power to get the job done. But don’t buy needless complexity. Powerful software may be what you need. But powerful software is harder to learn and more difficult to use. Get enough power to do the job but not far more than you need.
The major software choices. Major players in easy accounting software include Microsoft, Peachtree, Myob premier accounting software and QuickBooks. It’s amazing how much power you can get for a small price right out of the box. You can even get industry specific solutions too. But don’t be fooled into buying more power than you need. With more accounting power comes more complexity and more learning difficulty. Simple is good if it’ll do the job.
It has support. Pick a product that nobody’s ever heard of and you may be stuck. Imagine a locked up accounting system that stays stuck.
What about upgrades? If your need grow, it’s a plus if the software has upgrades. Choose a software package with no upgrades and you’ll switch vendors for an upgrade and the learning starts all over. Learning isn’t cheap in time, energy and money either. Be sure there’s an upgrade plan.
You need a system that will handle every task you require. First decide what you need. Then buy just what you need, but with an eye for your future accounting needs. Buy enough accounting power to do the job, but more power comes with a cost. Simple is often best.
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About the Author:
Cheryl L. True is a Manila-based freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics.

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