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The Scottish artist has seen his works sell for up to £750,000, but his parents didn't realise he had become a millionnaire
Simon Weston, 48, joined the Welsh Guards at the age of 16 and served in Berlin, Northern Ireland and Kenya before being deployed to the Falkland Islands.
These days, the Body Shop co-founder puts his agricultural and business know-how to use in promoting fair trade and "difficult philantrophy"
Gerald Ronson, 70, left school at 14 to start work with his father in the furniture business. He went on to found property development company, Heron Group, in 1956.
A lot of people want to be rich or just want to be
completely financially secure in their lives, and to get that one needs to
create a right mindset, where you can
bring it in existing for you.

Everybody wishes to become rich, but most people fail to understand
that there are basic principles that one needs to follow to become
rich. Most people prefer doing all sorts of things to get rich quick,
and in the process, they hurt cheat, deceive...
For those who are prepared, 2010 will be the best of times. For many, 2010 will be the worst.
When winning Lotto isn't likely, learn how to become rich by getting educated... Change your mindset and make a plan to achieve your dream life..
The 401(k) has a few good points...but they aren't good enough.
Most people have a desire to be rich and prosperous. It is not a secret that our society values money and the accumulation of objects. It is like we have a great desire to feel accepted by other people, and therefore need money to satisfy this...
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