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Wilson. Rawlings. Easton. Big brands like these dominate the $132 million baseball glove industry, paying star players big bucks to wear their gear.
Want a loan for your business? Hit the plastic. That's about all banks are going to offer -- and the terms are much less favorable than traditional lines of credit.
While running health services at the University of Baltimore in the early 1990s, Fran Lessans met a law student who was petrified about the prospect of attending her mother-in-law's funeral in Ghana. The young woman had visited the country once before but ended up getting sick and spending two weeks in the hospital. For the funeral trip, she'd done her homework and gotten the right shots, Lessans recalls. But no one had counseled her about water purification and what foods to avoid.
Benjamin Lichtenwalner remembers the first time he cleaned up the grisly remains of a military catastrophe.
Tales of predatory private-equity bankers and the science of thinking.
When I moved to New York City from Calcutta, I wasn't planning a catering career. I had come to earn a master's degree in lighting design from Parsons the New School for Design. But as a foodie, I was dismayed by the city's Indian eateries: The good ones were pricey, while the more affordable restaurants served two-day-old curries.
Inventing is the easy part. Marketing? Not so much. Experts, like Scott Pinizzotto, tell how they'd advertise 5 hard-to-tout products.