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A couple wonders if interest on a HELOC is tax-deductible if the loan is used for an LLC.
Pay down credit cards, but also set a budget and save some cash in an emergency fund for hard times.
Home equity products can be used to fund a car purchase. But there are risks for the homeowner.
This owner may be out of the money. You must be the car's owner for a least a year to get the cash.
Don't give out personal data to a middleman, and make sure a dealer isn't sneaking in unwanted fees.
Question: I'm 25 years old and am considering upping my contribution to my 401(k) from 20% of my salary to 30%. My only hesitation is that I don't currently have any other savings. What do you think? Should I just go ahead and build my 401(k) as much as I can or should I set aside some savings in another account? --Jonathan M., Rockville, Maryland
Sample ethnic cuisine for a smaller check.
Dine out during the week and save.
Question: I'm 55 years old and have my entire retirement savings plan at work invested in a total stock market index fund. I'm worried, though, that my account is too heavily skewed toward equities given my age. Any suggestions for how I might take a more balanced approach? --Ray K., Oakland, California
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