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Submitting a claim doesn't have to be painful, drawn-out experience. Follow these tips to get a quicker response from your insurer.
Posted To: MBS CommentaryIn a week that promised to be eventful, MBS played the volatility role with the rest of the market, but left it's benchmark's in the dust when all was said and done. The measure of the secondary MBS market that takes into consideration the prepayment speed weighted yields as well as the production mix of MBS volume and expresses that notional yield at parity fell to 4.258 (that's secondary market current coupon, btw...). With the 10yr yield ringing the 3.5 bell right on the nose, that brought spreads between MBS and Tsy&#
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39;s to an eye-wateringly tight 75.9bps! They started the week at an already tight 87.9bps... Though I could try, I'm not sure there's much I could do to convey just how tight these spreads are... Well, I guess a chart might do... This is the current coupon...(read more)Forward this article via email:  Send a copy of this story to someone you know that may want to read it.
New sales data that suggest life in Detroit. Is the market still friendly?

A rejected claim is the beginning, not the end. Here's a step-by-step guide to battling your way through the appeals process.
Be sure to know what you're getting before you dive into high-interest checking accounts.
Staying in the best hotel is often impossible if you want to get an affordable price at the same time. Frequent travelers somehow manage to get the best rooms, in some of the grandest hotels available, wherever and whenever they go. There are at least five hotels in Britain that meet the highest standards of care and are still quiet unique.
Lord Poulett Arms - it will take you back to the Authurian era with it’s arm chairs and roll top baths. Even the walls are real ham stone. The utilitarian aura is completed by the Roberts Radios avail
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able that are vintage pre WWII. Modern comforts are not forgotten and the service is second to known. They even offer homemade biscuits for that extra touch of class. One of the most attractive features is the world famous pub that many clients site as the reason they make their stay a little longer than intended.
Dormy House - If you are looking for a otherworld experience Dormy House is as ancient as the Celts but as romantic as the original St. Valentine. The service is top of the line and the fine dining will complete the otherworldly romance that seems to be in the very air. There are eight suites that are usually booked years in advance. This is a real lived in home that is a labor of love that shows in everything you see. The feeling of home coming is surprising because Dormy House comes with accouterments that are not in many homes. But the elegant luxury nestled in the homey interior will make you feel like a royal guest. If you are staying for the gaming, the stunning aesthetics of even the quiet solitude you will want the stay to be extended for as long as possible.
Hotel TerraVina - One of the top five most unique hotels because of its ability to hold it’s own beside the breathtaking New Forest National Park. The Hotel TerraVina brings the green ambiance of the forest and all of it’s most redeeming qualities to life. You can enjoy the beauty and wonder of the forest without getting out of bed. The organic feel of the interior and the well disguised technology that is always in reach combine to create a luxury that you will never forget.
Thirty Two Cheltenham - The shopping appeal of the Cheltenham’s area is definitely worth a trip but a stay at thirty two is dream come true. The four elegant suites will leave you breathless as you step across the threshold into unimaginable luxury. Marble baths along with separate sitting rooms and service so over the top you will feel like royalty make this an unforgettable stay. It is recognized by the likes of The Guardian, The Independent, Mrs. … Mrs. Smith, The Times, and maybe twenty other of the top prestigious travel magazines as the best of the best hotels ever. But don’t believe everything you read, experience it first hand.
Moccas Court - The Moccas Court Bed and Breakfast is not only an experience of 16th century civility along with 18th century finery that is combined with 21st century standards of excellence. Creating an unforgettable stay that is well worth the expense and the art inside is priceless and will provide you with awe inspiring joy. Surrounded by untouched land and religious idealism your stay will provide therapy for the mind and body while making you feel unworthy.
Chris Linch is the owner of where you can find Cheap Hotel Rates and other incredible travel savings. Chris travels frequently and is well published on the internet for some of the information he provides consumers.

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The Congressional Oversight Panel released a report saying that the U.S. treasury should provide regular reports about losses from the $301 billion worth of assets that the federal government agreed to guarantee for Citibank (NYSE: C) last year in an attempt to prevent the bank’s collapse.
In the report, the Congressional Oversight Panel, said such [...]
Whew! It took a long time — nine days instead of the scheduled seven — but I finally finished the frugality chapter for my book. Do you know how difficult it is to compress that topic into a single chapter? It’s worth an entire book by itself!
The version I just submitted to my editor is 11,643 words and includes April’s should I buy it? flowchart. I expect the published version to be significantly shorter, but we’ll see.
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w much is 11,643 words? It’s about 39 printed pages. It’s also the equivalent of 12-15 major blog posts. If you wonder why I’m so quiet around here, it’s because I’m pouring so much into the book. I appreciate your patience.

Though I’ve been writing nearly non-stop for the past week, I have managed to collect more articles than usual to share. Rather than provide extended commentary, I’m just going to bullet-point the good stuff today:

  • The Consumerist has a story how Radio Shack charges 24 times more for the same product than the dollar store next door. You should comparison shop whenever possible, folks.

  • The Art of Manliness (still one of my favorite blogs) explains how to change your motor oil. This is something of a lost art. I used to do this on my first two cars, but haven’t done it myself in 15+ years. Have you?

  • The Simple Dollar just celebrated its third blogiversary. To mark the occasion, Trent listed ten things he’s learned about money and life since he started the site. Good stuff.

  • Baker doesn’t just write for Get Rich Slowly. He also has his own blog. Or does he? Over at Man vs. Debt, guest author Jenny Newcomer posted a great story about how she paid off $15,000 in nine months by selling stuff on eBay.

  • Did you know Goodwill offers on-line shopping? features the good stuff donated to Goodwill thrift sores. You can browse and bid on art, antiques, and collectibles. Cool beans.

  • Wojciech from Fiscal Fizzle seems to have a permanent spot on these round-ups! This week, he’s written about how to send the SWOT on your money, where SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Wojciech explains how to use this framework to tackle your personal finances.

  • Lastly, I wanted to point out that has finally re-vamped their website. It’s no secret that I hated their previous layout. It was an abomination. The new site is much more user-friendly.

Before I start on the next chapter of my book (Chapter 6: Boosting Income), here are some recent personal finance carnivals. These round-ups are great ways to explore other money blogs:

Have a good evening everyone. I’ll see you in the comments of April’s post tomorrow morning…
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