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Greetings Everyone, and A Fine Sunday to All!
Writing-Time is 7:30 a.m… so 14:30 GMT.
We move away from all of the quasi-political Rhetoric, as all of you know I can only do those Thoughts in small doses… this is not a Political Blog and being largely “Apolitical” myself… there are about 12 million other Venues for [...]
European Union leaders avoided a row over bank regulation—but only by being ambiguousTWO DAYS after Barack Obama announced what he intends to be the biggest overhaul of American financial regulation since the Depression era, the European Union’s leaders, meeting in Brussels on June 18th and 19th, agreed that financial institutions in the 27-country block should be subject to common rules and overseen by new EU-level supervisors able to make binding rulings in disputes between national regulators. The heads of national government also agreed to create a European Systemic Risk Board,
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charged with providing early warning of potential threats to financial stability. The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, hailed Britain’s agreement to the plan as a “complete change in Anglo-Saxon strategy” on financial regulation. But was it? The British prime minister, Gordon Brown, insisted he had conceded nothing. The 27 national leaders offered unanimous backing for the creation of a trio of EU supervisory authorities to watch over the banking, insurance and securities sectors. These would have the power to resolve clashes between national supervisors in financial firms’ home and host countries, and to decree that national supervisors were flouting EU rules. At the moment, multinational banks and other financial institutions are watched over by a patchwork of national bodies, with no clear mechanisms for resolving disputes. ...
Greetings again at The NYSE Close, Everyone!
We saw The Equities and Bonds pick up steam for a Rally, as Treasury Auctions bode well for another Bullish Day overall.
In the same Fashion that we look out in the Macro-Views with Currencies and see large Bull and Bear Flags… we can also see the same on The [...]
Greetings, Everyone and Happy Saturday!
Writing-Time is 6:30 a.m. for me… so it is 13:30 GMT.
( It still amazes me how I have mastered World-Time Factors… considering my State of Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time. The World moves around Us and We sit still… melting in this Pizza Oven of Heat!… hee hee… )
My [...]
Silvio Berlusconi’s business empire faces leaner timesWHEN Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s prime minister, bought AC Milan, the football team he had supported as a boy, in 1986, it seemed a dream come true. But the team, for many years a force in European football, has had a disappointing run of late, failing to qualify for the 2008-09 Champions League of Europe’s leading clubs and finishing the season far behind the winner of Italy’s Serie A league. Expensive but successful football clubs are one matter; costly also-rans, another. Last year AC Milan’s losses shot to &
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#8364;68m ($100m) from €32m in 2007, and Fininvest, the Berlusconi family’s holding company, which owns the club, has had to deny reports that it is selling its stake. ...
Greetings, Everyone, and Welcome to Friday!
While The Nikkei and other Asian-Pacific Bourses move into Positive Territory on the back of the U.S. Equity Close, we are still working with Ranges and Continuation as a whole… as evident by the various Technical Patterns that we see around The Markets with Flag, Triangles, Wedges, and the like.
While [...]
If competition in banking leads to too much risk-taking, the right remedy is better supervisionRICKY GERVAIS, a comedian, tells a story about an anxious flight. When informed that the airline no longer offered newspapers to passengers, in order to cut costs, he found it all too easy to imagine a maintenance worker inspecting the plane’s undercarriage and asking: “Do we really need all these rivets?”That firms which strive hard to sustain profits may act incautiously is a concern in many industries. The severity of today’s financial crisis is blamed by some on the pressu
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re of competition on banks. There is a bulky academic literature that links liberalisation of markets with an increase in bank failures. It argues that the lifting of restraints, such as interest-rate caps on deposits or rules that prevent banks from operating in certain markets, leads to more intense competition. That is good for borrowers, but it also hurts banks’ profit margins by reducing the “franchise value” that comes from expected earnings. ...
Greetings again, Everyone!
We see U.S. Futures bidding lower and set for a lower Open in about 15 minutes, as the People’s Bank of China reiterates, yet again, a “Call” and Statement for concern on The U.S. Dollar Continuance as the World’s Reserve Currency.
This type of “Jawboning” Verbal Intervention is never good for The Buck… and [...]
Will the Obama administration’s reforms of the financial system hurt retailers and manufacturers with lending arms?THE talk had become so fevered that on June 22nd Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric’s embattled boss, sent out a memo to all staff to quash it. “GE is and will remain committed to GE Capital,” he insisted. These words of reassurance were prompted by the financial-reform plan the Obama administration had unveiled earlier in the month, which many saw as heralding the dismemberment of America’s biggest conglomerate, with interests from nuclear power to fin
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ancial services. GE is not the only company in the line of fire. An array of retailers and manufacturers that provide customers with loans for purchases, from Target to Harley-Davidson, also face threats to their business if the proposed legislation makes it through Congress. That, as Mr Immelt pointed out in his memo, is a big if: “it is very early in the process, and Congress will now spend months reviewing and drafting legislation”. During that period, GE will doubtless deploy its huge lobbying clout to argue that it should be left alone. ...
Greetings once again, Everyone!
We check in with Crude Oil and The Loonie, as their “Inverse” Correlation is “Unwound” as we move ahead.
Here are The Captures for Levels of Reference, so give them a Click… Post-Time is 16:25 GMT.
Crude looks to Clip the $70.30’s Dynamic Resistance Area, as Price “anchors” along the Bullish Trendline as It [...]
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