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If there's any chance we'll avoid a painful bout of rising prices, it won't be the Federal Reserve that saves us. Also: Chipping away at tech forecasts.
For Uncle Sam, Wednesday is a big payday. But what the government rakes in on April 15 - and throughout the year - won't be enough to cover its expenses.
Despite what many fly-by-night credit repair companies tell you, you need good credit to get a good mortgage interest rate. Good credit means you pay back what you’ve borrowed and you do so on time. Even just a few late payments can have a negative impact on your mortgage possibilities. Meanwhile, defaulting on payments, a [...]
In a volatile market, it is prudent to protect your portfolio for wild price fluctuations. While you want to minimize down side, you need to be careful not to compromise growth prospects, i.e. there is no point in investing for breaking even. We will... Recent Article published on 4/17/2009 by eHowAdvisor
by Rick Amorey
This much is true: All financial investments have risks. Of all the people who go into trading, about ninety percent will inevitably end up losing money. So, what is it that you’re doing wrong? In simple terms, these people do not have a good understanding of the situation. It can even be said that investments is like playing poker.
My theory is thus; the game of poker is a good simulation of the investment world, and the correct strategies in winning, or getting to the endgame, at least, is similar in both cases. I admit that this may sound a bit nontraditional,
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but do hear me out.
When one plays poker, you won’t get very far into the game if you just hold back and wait for the right hand to invest all your chips in. Obviously, even the best hands have an amount of risk in it, for one thing, and you may still end up losing all your chips in that single go. Also, going in with guns blazing, may end in a small yield of extra chips. It’s not worth it.
But betting like mad on every hand that you get is not a good idea, either. In fact, do this and you aren’t very bright. Constantly exposing the majority of your chips to high risk will only lead to a sudden burnout; you’ll be off the game before anyone else, losing all your chips in a few fell swoops.
So what is the right way to play poker? As anyone playing will learn quickly, getting ahead in poker involves more than just considering your own hand and chips, but getting a good feel for the hand and chips of those around you as well. Once you get a good feel of the game table, also know that you can’t put all your chips in one really good hand. Invest your chips little by little, spreading out your game to those of good, but not necessarily great plays.
To conclude, the same principles will apply to trading, as well. The market is the game table, and how it affects your investments. Avoid having all your capital placed into one investment; if you spread it out in many decent deals, you won’t be as devastated if one crashes.

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