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Concur Technologies CEO Steve Singh wants to help you populate your expense report as you take your trip.

FORTUNE -- It's hard to get excited about expense reports. But Steve Singh, CEO of travel and expense management software provider Concur Technologies, says the corporate travel experience is about to get much, much better. A big part of that improvement will come from tapping into some of the trends on the consumer MORE

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The hot enterprise firm is only now putting its software online.

FORTUNE -- You might assume that a young, fast-growing enterprise software company like Tableau Software is all about the cloud -- a.k.a. selling and distributing applications over the web. But the Seattle-based company, which started out as a Stanford University research project in 2003, is only now launching a software-as-a-service version of its business intelligence tool, Tableau Server.

In May, Tableau MORE

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It was around 10 p.m., exactly one year ago today, and I was standing out in front of Lehman Brothers on 7th Avenue watching as the then fourth largest investment bank in the world melted down. As I took in the scene, Lehman employees carrying out boxes under the kleig lights, past the police cordons, some shouting out angrily to perplexed tourists who had no idea what was going on, it dawned on me that the world was going to change. (The last time I felt anything like that, by the way, was when I watched the World Trade Center collapse, seven years to the month earlier.)
This weekend, Abu Dhabi plays host to its first Formula 1 Grand Prix, and in typical fashion, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is pulling out all the stops, with a brand new racecourse estimated to have cost $1 billion and festivities including performances from Beyonce and Aerosmith.
The banking bust is getting mighty costly.
In recession-battered Las Vegas, there is still plenty of elbow room at the craps tables. Not so in Macau. Gambling revenue in the Chinese region soared in September, according to figures released this week, and two hotly anticipated stock offerings show that the high rollers have returned.
How the CEO of Amex is dealing with the new rules of the financial crisis.
Recently a friend was shopping for boots at Saks, only to be told the store was out of her size. "You're the sixth person I've had to turn away," the sales clerk said. My friend is not alone. But at a time of slumping sales, shouldn't it be easier to find what you want?
Intel did what it said it would do: post a miserable fourth quarter. But with the chip industry in a major slump, that kind of candor doesn't extend to the first part of this year.
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