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The advice rolls off the tongues of financial planners and appears frequently in the pages of financial magazines such as Money: To have any shot at retiring well, you need to invest a good portion of your money in stocks.
Once you have your Social Security strategy down, there's just one little retirement question left to consider: How can you make the money that you've so diligently saved provide the life you want for as long as you live? Oh. That.
Tom Wogan loves working with his hands, especially building fishing rods and restoring World War II Army knives. So when he retired in June 2006 at age 60 from his $110,000-a-year job as a shift manager at the Florida City nuclear power plant near his home in Palmetto Bay, Fla., he looked forward to spending carefree days puttering around his garage working on his hobbies. With a retirement portfolio worth $1.1 million, Wogan thought he was all set.
Question: I'm 63 and planning to retire in three years. I'm considering investing in high-yield bond funds because they generate good income. Do you think I should do this and, if so, what percentage of my portfolio allocation should I devote to high-yield funds? --Frank, Groveport, Ohio
You've probably spent a lot of time sweating over your 401(k) and IRA. But have you given much thought to the way Social Security will fit into your retirement plans?
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The stock market keeps taking a hammer to the conventional wisdom about retirement investing.
Last year's meltdown was a sobering moment for 401(k) holders who were used to a market that only went up. Many of them thought of investing as risk free.
President Obama on Saturday announced changes that the IRS plans to make to encourage workers to save more of their paychecks.
Question: I'm 58 and have never opened any kind of a retirement account. Is it too late for me to do so now, or should I hope that Social Security will be there when I retire in a few years? --Vincent I., Denver, Colorado
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