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Perfect for a Saturday Night! I posted this when there were 50 views — lets see how many this thing cranks up to . . . Hat tip Mike!
This contribution from Daniel Berger is a letter to Michael Smerconish in response to a commentary he wrote in the Philadelphia Enquirer “ Head Strong: Did Hollywood inspire the meltdown men? ” from 10 May 2009. A shorter version of Berger’s piece appeared at New Deal 2.0 in July. Given my recent two posts on greed (“ More on greed, regulation, Lehman and the financial industry ” and “ Greed is not good ”), Berger’s remarks bear posting.  What I find most interesting about this commentary i
October 24th, 2009 Goto commentsLeave a comment capex by .2 billion and .1 billion, respectively. In relative terms, the aluminum sector's change is most significant, representing a three-fold increase, which Heap found surprising since excess …Similar Posts:Commercial real estate may strain banksSecond Quarter 2009 Financial ResultsVenezuela pledges to up oil exports to ChinaDagcommentaar: AEX almost reached our target price!Backhanded switches to your TOS: now available as handy RSS feed (Bi
Jon James There is growing buzz on the internet and around office water coolers all over the country regarding the subject of the government confiscating the retirement account of its American citizens for the purpose of satisfying our national debts. One of my clients sent me an email from a gold broker who even went as far as recommending that he liquidate all of his retirement assets and put the money into physical non confiscatable gold, better known as pre-33 coins and this way his money
A superb resource: Stop Foreclosure In Houston To Stop Foreclosure in nearly any city in the United States of America, there are basically only a few legitimate options. Some of these you’ll know, and some will be brand new to you. Here are a few directions you can take: Sell your house prior to the foreclosure auction. The value of this idea will vary heavily depending on the nature and quality of your local real estate market. If you’re in a market that still has very slow resale rate
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