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Those lobbying for simplification of the tax system now have a high-profile Exhibit A for their war on IRS complexity: Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary nominee who has landed in hot water for failing to pay taxes he says he didn't realize he owed. It's a situation experts say is surprisingly common. For the self-employed and others with nontraditional jobs, tallying up an accurate tax bill can be a tricky task.
With last week's re-introduction in Congress of a bill to reign in what critics say are abusive credit-card practices, the stage is set for a Washington battle that will determine whether entrepreneurs and other credit-card users get relief soon from soaring rates and fees.
Mike Stull, center right, the Director of the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship, with Monty Dill, far left, Shawn Barker and Felix Zuniga, far right, all of whom are entrepreneurs.
The capital of country music is a city that still feels like a small town, combining old-fashioned Southern hospitality with a vibrant music and arts scene.
Small companies ended 2008 with a laundry list of troubles, with sales slow, bank lending frozen, and health care and credit-card costs soaring. Here's what to expect in 2009 on 7 key issues.
When she's not busy taking care of her three kids, stay-at-home mom Denise Mollison spends her time stitching together cherubic rag dolls, which she then sells online at her shop, The Lucky Pebble, and at Esty, an online marketplace. Her plump creations have garnered extensive praise from fans of handmade goods, and Mollison's Etsy page is filled with rave reviews from happy customers. But a new law passed to ensure the safety of toys and children's clothes may unintentionally cripple small businesses like hers.
I'm a realtor in Boulder, and a couple of years ago I had a buyer in from out of town. We did the usual thing - drove around, looked at 10 or 12 homes - and made plans to see more the following day. Well, he called the next morning and told me that he had borrowed a cruiser bike from his hotel, ridden through a nearby neighborhood and met a guy who was interested in selling his house.
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