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The definition of "rich" may be going up should lawmakers choose to impose extra taxes on the wealthy to pay for health reform.
Government proposals to crack down on tax avoidance at financial institutions have come under fire, with claims that they would damage competitiveness of the sector
Some retirees who took required payouts can put money back in.
Older savers looking to top up individual savings accounts (Isas) from next month could face disappointment as some providers will not accept extra funds or match the deals on existing tax-free plans
Britons who have received untaxed income or gains in the year ended 5 April 2009 need to complete a tax return before October 5 or risk a £100 penalty
President Obama's fall agenda has grown larger as some of the biggest decisions -- and fights -- over health care reform have been punted to September ... at the earliest.
The existing research and development tax credit for large firms – which costs £500m a year – should be phased out and the money spent on innovation elsewhere, the Policy Exchange said
The principality said it was in talks with Berlin over tax avoidance, as the alpine state signed a deal with the UK that it hailed as a model for other countries
More than 300 banks will be forced to hand over details of clients with offshore accounts after a legal ruling opened up a new front in Revenue & Customs' war against tax evasion
I have promised to pay boarding school fees for my granddaughter for two years, amounting to £10,000 to £15,000 a year
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