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The Federal Reserve left its lending rates unchanged again on Wednesday, even as the central bank reiterated that the economy is on the mend.
Credit cards were never meant to be used to replace income over a long period of time, and using them that way can bring big trouble.
Despite the big money many colleges earn from making deals with card issuers, some schools and states are clamping down on giving banks access.
Even if you’ve opted out of a credit card interest rate increase, these costly mishaps can trigger an unwanted rate hike.
Sign a check to tap a credit line for instant cash, but convenience costs: Watch out for fees, ID thieves.
If you aren't diligent about paying off a balance during the a no-interest period, you face the high-interest gauntlet. Here's what you can do.
Running up credit card bills before closing can jeopardize that $8,000 tax break you were hoping would make you a first-time home buyer.
Now that the first portions of the Credit CARD Act of 2009 have gone into effect, here's how its provisions will affect you.
APRs on new credit card offers inched up to 12.64 percent this week, says the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. This continues recent trends of rising interest rates this year, as banks continue to make moves ahead of a new card law.
by Graham McKenzie Since the interest rates on credit cards and other loans continues to grow, many people are turning to Home Equity Loans to borrow money at low interest rate method. The difference between the value of equity in your home to your home this time and money that you owe the entire balance. Home Equity Loan is an excellent tool to ensure high-interest loans and credit cards. Compare this to the rate of your credit card. Home equity loans have interest rates that are up to 60%
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