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Non-taxpayers can reclaim money on savings that were taxed at the wrong level
Far more people are turning to their bank manager and the internet for advice on estate planning – raising concerns from solicitors that the advice given may not be adequate
More than 100,000 shareholders with Santander, the Spanish bank that owns Abbey and Alliance & Leicester, are receiving a tax boost to their latest dividends by taking the distribution in new shares rather than cash
Income-based premiums are set to jump, but seniors have some options.
Our parents have "mirror" wills – leaving everything to each other. However, our mother has gone into a care home and my sister and I are concerned that, were our father to die, his assets would be taken by the local authority to pay for our mother's care.
There's plenty to distract you from financial planning this time of year, from cheering on your favorite football team to daydreaming about Thanksgiving dinner. But you don't want to let some end-of-year deadlines slip by without taking steps to minimize taxes and maximize savings. Especially in this economic climate, a little extra cash can go a long way.
With special program over, lawyer pushes ''quiet'' disclosure.
Jersey and Guernsey are planning to move quickly to allay uncertainty over their corporate tax regimes
Have a will drawn up or updated for free by a choice of solicitors in return for a donation to charity
I am going through a divorce and my husband is asking me for a substantial settlement. What can I do to lessen the financial pain?
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