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This provider of blood management solutions recently hit its all-time high and is expecting a strong fiscal 2013.

You have some extra cash and you want to invest it. You would like to get a high return from your investment and ensure that the risk of loss is minimal. The reality is that there is no such a thing as perfect investment. However, there are ways for...
I normally take a top down approach to analyzing a market and forex trading in general that allows me to scale my time frames down from weekly to as low as Daily(rarely do I look at the 4 hourly chart) and my long term understanding of this market...
Learn about shares in the Stock Market including certain limitations and how to buy them. Discover how to identify the different types of shares and know the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
Technology has made it possible for people to trade stocks in the comfort of their own homes via the Internet. When opting for this method, the most important thing is to select a secure website with which to conduct the transactions. The best place...
Imagine if all the oil yet to be extracted from the ground suddenly disappeared, never to reappear again. How would we cope without the raw material that made the modern world possible. Would be able to find a suitable alternative fuel. Part one looks at what an oil-less world would like during the first year.

This specialty chemical company is seeing improvement in the housing market.

Most investors left the stock for dead in the wake of last year's US bailout. But speculative traders are swooping over the insurance giant's remains in search of a quick payoff.  
If you're tired of the fast-paced casino of Wall Street, check out the 'slow money' trend. It favors investing in local farms and other tasty enterprises close to home.