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Forget yesterday's losses. Stocks are up with Tiffany & Co. touching all-time highs.
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Style-conscious Wall Street types are looking elsewhere for smart suits as a crackdown on customs duties makes London tailoring even pricier
Hough: Erratic price swings can work to the advantage of long-term investors.

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Today's news was largely out yesterday: the Fed will probably reevaluate their exit strategy last spelled out in 2011--yes, the 2011 that was 3 years ago . Clearly, the state of the global economy was different in many ways then, so a reevaluation is scarcely a surprise. The key issue suddenly seems to be that of reinvesting the principal payments from the Fed's asset portfolio back into the markets from which those payments came. The 2011 verbiage said those reinvestments would be the first thing to go after asset pur
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chases were wound down. But yesterday, NY Fed President Dudley said that might not be such a good idea. Markets reacted to that yesterday afternoon, and were thus left with not much to react to when Today's Minutes said the Fed did indeed discuss this "stuff."...(read more)

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Deal of the Day: How to pick a rewards card that will pay off -- amid a growing crowd of contenders.
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Back in December I suggested high risk or Venture stocks were a good opportunity due to tax loss selling that was occurring at the time. Looking at my stats and instincts, good buys may be here again.
There is one question that really doesnt go away though, and rightfully so: can you really earn an income through Forex trading online at the comfort of your home?
Reverse mortgages are not for everyone. Only people age 62 and over are eligible to apply for a reverse mortgage and qualification is based in part on home equity. Before you decide if a reverse mortgage is for you, learn more about what a reverse mortgage is, how it works and some of the pros and cons of taking out a reverse mortgage.
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