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If a child care or other household employee works at your house, you owe employment tax, says CPA George Saenz.
More and more retirees are adjusting their lives so that they don’t have to leave employment behind entirely. Learn about the special considerations of a post-retirement career.
Question: Since I'm getting close to retirement, I've moved my money into the target-date retirement fund offered in my company's 401(k). Do you think these funds are good investments? --Lucia Cannon, Johnson City, New York
Long-term care premiums within certain limits are deductible as itemized medical expenses, says CPA George Saenz.
In case of a bank failure, FDIC insurance would cover accrued interest earnings as well as principal.
Question: My company has suspended matching contributions in my 401(k). I'm unsure what to do, but I'm thinking of rolling my 401(k) into an IRA account. Is that a good idea? --Brian, Taylor, Michigan
A foreign person or corporation does not pay U.S. income tax on gains from the sale of most U.S. securities, says CPA George Saenz.
A cash-out refinancing typically carries a slightly higher interest rate than a straight refinancing.
Can't find the U.S. savings bond you were issued? A note to the government should help set things straight.
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