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by Chimezirim Odimba
A low Florida term life insurance premium is good but,however, be certain that you don’t become beclouded by focusing on it. What you need isn’t just the cheapest quote but that which offers the best price to value ratio. And, doing extensive shopping is crucial to landing the best rate to value ratio. But be willing to pay slightly more if necessary to buy adequate coverage.
Many a cheap quotes could be so because the insurer has slashed off a few components. In such instances, the chea
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pest certainly isn’t the best but the best for you ultimately is the cheapest eventually.
Second: Extreme sports brings about higher Florida term life insurance rates. Therefore stay off any sport or leisure activity that is either extreme or dangerous and you’ll enjoy cheaper term life insurance rate, Florida.
Third: Buying your Florida term life insurance from the same insurance company that provides your other insurance policies will get you a discount. Every insurer will typically give a discount if you buy more than one policy from them.
On the other hand, all the amount you may get as discount may still become insignicant if weighed with savings you’ll make by buying your policies from several insurance companies.
Fourth: Lines of duty that are regarded as hazardous attract higher Florida term life insurance premiums. Switching to a less-hazardous profession will bring down your Florida term life insurance premium by a remarkable margin. If your occupation exposes you to dangerous substances, for example, your Florida term life insurance rates will be much more than that given to a similar profile who maybe works as a cashier in a shop.
Fifth: Maintain an excellent credit rating. A bad credit history will make you pay higher Florida term life insurance rates. The simple reason for this is that there’s a general consensus among many insurers that there is a link between bad credit histories and high risks. This assumption of increased risk makes such persons pay higher rates in Florida term life insurance and other insurance policies.
Finally: You will save much money in Florida term life insurance if you obtain and compare Florida term life insurance quotes from quotes sites. You will realize savings if you use just one of such sites. But keep this in mind, you will get better results by using at least five. The plain logic in this is that you will get a greater number of Florida term life insurance quotes from many more insurers. This increases your chances of getting better offers.

About the Author:
To start saving much more click here: Florida term life insurance rate. Chimezirim Odimba helps people get sufficient insurance coverage cheap.

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Music fans know that they can rely on iTunes to find the latest hits, but they can't rely on it for the best prices. In fact, now that Apple (AAPL) and other online music stores like Amazon's (AMZN) and Wal-Mart's (WMT) have jacked up prices for popular songs and albums, it may be time to take your digital tune shopping elsewhere.
Earlier this month, Apple started varying the prices it charged for its songs, moving from a flat ra
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te of 99 cents per download to tiers that span from 69 cents for older and niche music to $1.29 for the most downloaded and popular songs. Amazon and Wal-Mart soon followed -- raising prices for the most popular music to $1.29 and $1.24, respectively.
“They’re taking advantage of Americans’ appetite for downloading,” says Andrea Belz, an independent technology consultant based in Pasadena, Calif. Consumers spent $2.6 billion on digital music last year, roughly $1 billion of which went toward individual song downloads, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.
Initially, such downloads were considered a great value for those who wanted a song or two without paying the full $20 for the entire album in stores. But with higher prices for the songs music fans love the most, downloading music has become a much less financially-savvy proposition. And while opportunities to download free music online abound, music lovers need to be careful. Everyone from Internet service providers to the Recording Industry Association of America have been cracking down on consumers who violate copyright law by downloading music over peer-to-peer file sharing sites.
For cheap -- and legal -- ways to expand your digital music library, try these options:
Subscription services
At just $13 a month for unlimited downloads to your computer at Rhapsody or Napster, music subscription services can save those who typically download 15 or more songs a month a healthy chunk of change. But there is a catch: You’re essentially borrowing the music, which means you’ll lose it all when you stop paying for the service. (Napster tries to counterbalance this by letting you purchase tracks at discounts of up to 20%.) With both services, you'll also have to pay an extra $3 a month if you want to play your songs on a compatible MP3 player. And it must be a Rhapsody- or Napster-compatible player, like the Haier Rhapsody ibiza ($199 for a 4GB model) or Creative Zen X-Fi ($130 for an 8GB model) for Napster. So be sure you like the players that work with the service before you sign on, says Paul Verna, senior analyst for eMarketer, a market researcher specializing in e-commerce.
Bottom line: If you like the latest hits but often abandon one band for the next big thing, subscription services may be the best deal for you, says Verna. In the short term, you get total control over your playlist, but don’t have to purchase a lot of songs that you may end up deleting months down the road.
Free Internet radio
Internet radio stations like Slacker Radio, Pandora Internet Radio, SHOUTCast and Jango, offer a range of music genres without charging you a dime. Users can customize stations or create their own by requesting artists and songs, and then rating the playlist. On Jango, for example, you can request that a song be played a little, a lot, or never again. Over time, the services tailor suggestions to your taste.
The tradeoffs: Besides the fact that you never have full control over what's played and when, you'll also need to endure some advertising. To keep stations free, the web sites intersperse songs with ads. While you can sign up to pay for ad-free music -- Slacker charges $4 per month -- weigh the costs and benefits against those of a subscription service first, says Heather Polinsky, an assistant professor at Central Michigan University’s School of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts. It may be more worthwhile to pay the $13 a month for Rhapsody and have a little more control over your playlist.
One more helpful tip: Skip out on buying the pricey hardware that picks up Internet radio stations. (A 4GB handheld player from Slacker costs $200, while Pandora and Logitech offer home receivers that start at $300.) You’re better off downloading the sites’ free cellphone applications, which use a phone’s Internet connection to sync with an online account. Slacker has one for BlackBerry phones. Pandora also has versions for the iPhone and other smartphones.
Try Price Comparison Search Engines
If you have a burning desire to own your music and carry it with you everywhere you go, do some comparison shopping first. tells you which of the big three -- iTunes, Amazon or Wal-Mart -- offers downloads at the cheapest price. Rihanna’s "Don’t Stop the Music,” for example, comes up as $1.29 at iTunes, 99 cents at Amazon and 94 cents at Wal-Mart. You’d save 35 cents by downloading the song from Wal-Mart's.
Also check for weekly free songs on the various sites, advises Polinsky. This week’s freebie may be next month’s hot new song. In 2007, for example, iTunes offered Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” shortly before the singer became popular in the United States.
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by Tom Martens
No matter where you are in the world finding insurance that is suitable to your needs is not an impossible task. In shopping for car insurance, you need to know what the policy will cover and what you can do to save on your payments and premiums.
Third Party Fire and Theft adds to the minimum by including cover for damage caused by theft, attempted theft and fire. Comprehensive Cover includes all of this and pays to cover damage to your own vehicle in an accident that is your fault.You can choose from three basic types of car insurance cover: Third Party, Third Party
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Fire and Theft and Comprehensive. Third Party is the minimum cover and pays for damage to other people’s property caused by an accident that is your fault.
While Comprehensive Cover costs the most, it also provides the greatest amount of coverage. Most South Africans should probably get this kind of insurance to cover all of the risks that they face. Now how do you get this insurance at the best price? These are ten tips that can reduce the cost of your insurance. Not all of them will work for you, but at least some of them will be effective for everyone.
It’s easy to do this research online or through a broker. You can also get a discount if you purchase your policy online. Check with individual companies for this option. First, shop around and compare quotes. You can find substantial savings just by taking this step to educate yourself about your options.
Each policy comes with a deductible, which is the amount you have to pay if you file a claim. People save money by selecting a higher deductible. Make sure if you ever file a claim you a sure to pay the deductible.
You may gain lower premium with yyour current insurance company by being a safe driver. Each year that passes in which you don’t file a claim you may also be eligible to get better rates with another company.
Always consider your insurance costs when you’re shopping for a vehicle. High performance and expensive car models cost more to insure due to their increased risk profile and expensive replacement parts. Be sure to include your insurance premiums in your car shopping budget.
Consider moving, not only for better premiums, but for your own personal safety.Your premiums will reflect that due to the increased risk of your car being stolen or hijacke,if you live in a high crime area.
You could get a discount if you park your car in a locked garage or behind locked gates overnight. Keeping your vehicle off the street at night reduces the risk that it will be stolen or damaged, therefore reducing your premium.
You can add security devices such as gearlocks or global tracking devices that exceed the minimum requirements and receive a discount.Most insurance companies will have minimum security requirements for the vehicles it insures.
The number of people that are allowed to drive your car will effect your premiums. So when shopping for insurance, it is best to keep the people on the policy as low as possible. The reasoning for this is that the less people that drive the car will make it a lower risk for accidents or things happening.
As with many companies, insurance companies do have room to negotiate. Flexibility and negotiation can put a good insurance plan in your budget. The one thing you have going for you is that they want your business, and sometimes companies have to be flexible to get it.

About the Author:
Tom Martens is the content syndication coordinator for South Arica’s leading car insurance portal.

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The cost to fill prescriptions can quickly turn into a financial burden, especially when budgets are tight.
Some pinched patients are even going so far as ditching the drug component of their doctors' orders just to save some cash. An October survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit health policy group, found that 27% of people decided not to fill a prescription in order to save money, up from 23% six months earlier. About 22% reported cutting pills or skipping doses, up from 19%.
These are indeed ominous signs as the economy continues to spiral down. But as with mor
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tgage payments and credit-card debt, there are things consumers can do to save on drugs while maintaining their health.
Here are five strategies to help you cut back on your drug costs.
Take advantage of store promotions
Since 2006, retailer Meijer has offered commonly-prescribed generic antibiotics at no charge. Now several other large supermarket chains are following suit with their own antibiotic giveaways. Last week, Wegmans announced that between now and the end of March it would give a 14-day supply of any of nine generic antibiotics for free to customers with a Shoppers Club card. Giant Food and Stop & Shop are also offering up to a two week supply of free common generic antibiotics between now and March 21.

CVS (CVS) is offering another way to save. A couple of months ago, it launched the Health Savings Pass Program, which aims to help uninsured and underinsured consumers manage health-care costs. Customers pay an annual $10 enrollment fee and can buy a 90-day supply of more than 400 generic prescriptions for $10. They also get a 10% discount on services and screenings at the retailer’s in-store MinuteClinic.
Go for generics
Ask your doctor if there’s a generic equivalent for your prescription, says Carolyn McClanahan, a former practicing physician and founder of Life Planning Partners, a financial planning firm in Jacksonville, Fla. In most cases, the active ingredients in brand-name and generic drugs are the same; it's the inactive ingredients that sometimes differ, says McClanahan.
Bear in mind that not all medications have a generic equivalent. If that's the case, ask your doctor if there’s a generic available for a comparable drug, says Albert Wertheimer, professor of pharmacy administration at Temple University. Say you’re prescribed the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor. It has no generic version, but competing drug Zocor does. “In almost no cases do you do any harm by switching to the first cousin of a medication,” says Wertheimer.
Buy in bulk
If you’re on medication for a chronic condition, ask for a 90-day supply rather than a traditional monthly refill. “It’s a better deal,” says McClanahan. Just make sure your insurance plan covers prescriptions for that length of time.
Pharmacy programs at major retailers and supermarkets, including Wal-Mart (WMT), Target (TGT) and Stop & Shop, offer hundreds of generic prescriptions at a significant discount, especially when you order a longer-term supply. A 30-day supply typically will cost around $4 while a 90-day supply will cost just $10. Also look into mail-order pharmacies. Many insurers offer lower rates on prescriptions if you order several months' supply through the mail. You can often get a three-month supply by mail for what you'd pay for a two-month supply at the drugstore.
Shop around
Compare drug prices at various pharmacies to see which one sells your prescriptions at the best price. Also, don’t be shy about asking for a price match at the pharmacy counter. Many pharmacies will match others’ prices, but they won’t advertise that to customers, says Ted Epperly, a family physician in Boise, Idaho, and president of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
One word of caution: If you get different prescriptions filled at different pharmacies, make sure to tell the pharmacist about all of your medications so they can identify any possible adverse reactions.
Split pills
Pill splitting is another strategy that can help patients save without sacrificing drug effectiveness or safety. Some pills are available at twice the dose and at the same price as lower doses. Check the drug maker’s web site to find out the various strengths your medication comes in, says Wertheimer. If you need 10 mg a day, ask your doctor to prescribe 20 mg then split the pill in half. Note that some drugs should not be split, including time-release pills and capsules. Consult your doctor to find out if pill-splitting is possible with your particular medication.
Another option: Ask your doctor if you can take your medicine every other day instead of everyday or once a day instead of three times a day, says Epperly. “There are times when that’s pharmacologically OK, especially if patients are trying to stretch their budget,” he says.
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This post comes from Jim Wang at partner blog Bargaineering.
Movies today can rely on special effects, monster marketing efforts, and a few pretty faces (*cough* "Transformers 2" *cough*). In the 1980s and early '90s, movies had to rely on the story and the acting to ach
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ieve success.
Out of that era, which coincided with my childhood, came a lot of classic movies that teach powerful lessons about how to deal with your money, how to approach your career, and how to find success in both.

I thought it would be fun to pick out five lessons from just five movies from that era (one of them is from 2000, but no fancy special effects there).
Be careful whom you trust. Rocky is one of the iconic film franchises of my generation and there is a powerful financial lesson to be learned in the fifth film. If you remember, it's in "Rocky V" that you learn of the health effects of fighting the Russian machine, Ivan Drago. You also learn of Rocky's financial woes when he discovers that Paulie, his wife Adrian's brother, signed over power of attorney to Rocky's accountant. The accountant then proceeds to lose all of Rocky's money flipping real estate.
The lesson here is that you have to be extremely careful whom you trust, especially when it comes to your money. As you acquire more money, you put it into the hands of mutual fund managers, financial advisers and other "experts." You have to carefully vet them and I believe you should never sign over power of attorney.
Fake it until you make it. In "The Secret of My Success," Michael J. Fox plays Brantley Foster, a laid-off financial analyst who sneaks into a new job as a mailroom clerk at his uncle's company. From there, he finds out that most of the executives are making terrible decisions and starts to fake being an executive. The movie is a classic and the iconic scenes include Fox changing from the casual wear of the clerk to the suit of the executive while in an elevator.
The lesson here is that sometimes you need to fake it until you make it. Some use the adage "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." In the end, the message is the same: If you behave as if you belong somewhere, then you do. In the end, what's the difference between pretending and being? Nothing, really. (I don't advocate deception or lying though. I believe that crosses the line.)
All we need is the right opportunity. "Trading Places" is an awesome movie and one of my favorites. In "Trading Places," two commodity traders, Mortimer and Randolph Duke, decide to conduct a little social experiment. They want to know if the rich and successful are that way because they started rich and whether a common street criminal could achieve the same given the same starting point. So they take Eddie Murphy's character, street hustler Billy Ray Valentine, and have him swap places with Dan Aykroyd's character, a successful broker.
Life isn't fair, but sometimes two rich guys decide to make a bet and give you the keys to the kingdom to see what you'll do with them. The lesson here is that you should always be working hard, whether it's trading orange futures or street hustling, so that you can take advantage when an opportunity presents itself.
Keep emotions in check. "Bull Durham" is one of the most well-known baseball movies in history. It involves veteran catcher Crash Davis, played by Kevin Costner, and a powerful rookie pitcher named Nuke LaLoosh, played by Tim Robbins. Crash is brought to the minor league team to try to mold and shape the promising Nuke. In their first meeting, which is in a bar, they almost come to blows as Crash taunts the hot-tempered Nuke.
The lesson here is that you need to keep your emotions in check. Had Nuke struck Crash, he could've broken his hand, ended his minor league career, and never achieved the success he would get to enjoy later. With finances and your career, you need to keep a level head. When making stock investments, don't let your emotions make decisions for you.
Don't do anything illegal. "Boiler Room" isn't quite a classic movie but it does have a powerful lesson to tell. It follows the story of Seth Davis, a college dropout who is running an underground casino in his house. He eventually gets a job at a brokerage, where he's paid to get rich investors to buy into penny stocks his firm is pumping and dumping.
At first he doesn't realize how the scheme works and that what he's doing is illegal. He sees only the lavish lifestyles the more senior brokers are living. Eventually he realizes he's just scamming people of their hard-earned savings.
There are two lessons in this movie. The first is that you shouldn't let greed overcome your decision-making process. The allure of a hot penny stock is like the siren song of Peisinoe, Aglaope and Thelxiepeia; it can make you do some crazy things.
The second lesson is that you shouldn't ever do anything illegal. 
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This article is by GRS staff writer Adam Baker. Despite his best attempts, Baker struggles to budget while adapting to life in New Zealand.
Earlier this week J.D. tackled an important issue with his tenet Large Amounts Matter Too.
This concept goes by many names:

  • Focus on big wins.

  • Pick the low-hanging fruit
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  • Attack high-leverage areas.

You get the point: It’s efficient to do things that have major impact with minimum effort. J.D. wrote:
Some people spend so much time sweating the small stuff that they don’t bother to do the same on the big stuff. They’re penny wise and pound foolish, negating their daily scrimping and saving by making poor financial decisions that burden them for years. Kris has a co-worker who once bought an SUV for $43,000. After a year, he decided to trade it in, but could only get $23,000 for it. Ouch!
His advice is spot on. An intense dedication to frugality can often do more harm than good. Getting caught up in the details can lead to mistakes or oversights in areas that cost us thousands.
But there’s another less-talked-about side of the coin.
While you certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to capitalize on a major event, you also don’t want to develop the habit of relying on them either. These type of large gains for minimum effort can make us lazy.
After all, why should you clip coupons when you could spend that time planning your next pay negotiation? Why would you save money by making your own products at home, when you could be aggressively monitoring the classifieds for the next killer deal on a car?
Why casinos want you to win money
People that have been around the gambling industry will tell you that winning on your first trip to the casino is much worse than losing. Why? It changes your mindset. Most people will go from “I’m probably going to lose, so I’ll just plan to have a little fun” to “Wow, that was easy! Next time I go back I’ll be playing off my winnings”.
Next, you convince yourself that the losing streak you’ve bumped into is just a natural part of how things work. Hitting just one hand will make up all your loses. From there, it only gets worse.
Casinos make their profits when they can detach you from the value of your money. If you win the first time you visit, that process has already started. They know the average person will be back and will spend far more money than the guy or gal who lost it quickly on the first visit.
Encouraging lifestyle inflation
In our finances, the big wins have the potential to detach us in the same way. The value of these events is lost if you use them as an excuse to not attack your impulse spending or creeping lifestyle inflation. We are a culture that loves to celebrate shaving $200 off our monthly mortgage with a new $300/month car payment.
The problem is that all to often, we create a zero-sum game. We end up shuffling back ten steps in our daily lives and then trying to make it up in one big leap. That works well as long as we can keep leaping back up. Occasionally, though, we stumble when trying to leap. And when we do, we fall flat on our faces.
A constant reliance on these big wins is not sustainable. They aren’t meant to be Band-Aids to cover our daily financial boo-boos.
Reversing the curse
The cure for this curse is balance: Neither obsessive frugality nor an intense concentration on the big-ticket items will lead to long-term success. Balance will.
These big wins can be powerful influences in our financial lives. We can use them as sparks to turn around a desperate situation, or as fuel to build momentum on our existing progress.
For Courtney and me, focusing on correcting our day-to-day habits has actually fostered more big wins. Getting the basic principles of money management and frugality under control has given us more time, relieved stress, and provided more freedom to pursue larger activities.
What about you? Have you experienced the curse of the big-win mentality? Which has been the leading focus in your financial life: the small daily habits or the higher-leverage large amounts?
Photo by Haundreis.
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by Aaron Hu
Many people like the idea of an Asian themed wedding, but many picture a woman in a kimono and headgear, with lots of gold and red kanji as decorations. This, of course, is not the sum and total of an Asian themed wedding. Asia is a lot more than just Japan or China, and this article will give you ideas from all over the continent.
First of all, let’s start with Japan. For a Japanese wedding, you could have your bridesmaids wear kimonos instead of Western bridesmaids dresses. The decorations can be red and gold, both good luck colors in Japan. For the ceremony, you
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could include the sake ceremony. This is when the bride and groom take nine sips of sake, working their way up from tiny cups to big cups. And don’t forget, in Japan, a wedding is not between a man and a woman-it is between two families. All of your planning should keep this in mind. After all, you’ll be living with your spouse for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to include your family and his in the ceremony?
For the favors, you could give guests red envelopes with coins in them. This is another traditional good luck gift, normally given to the bride and groom, but in this case perfectly suitable for the occasion. Or, if you can find them, decorate the tables with small bonsai trees, and let the guests take them home at the end of the reception. This type of garden based favor is twofold; not only is it pretty, but practical too.
China’s traditions are similar, but not quite the same. Try to make your wedding on the half hour instead of on the hour. This belief stems from the idea that couples should start their lives together with the hands of time going up instead of down. A fun one for the bride is the idea of three dresses on the big day. The first one is the wedding dress, worn during the ceremony. The second one is the party dress, worn during the banquet or reception. And the last one is the going-away dress for the honeymoon. Many American brides already change after the wedding, but the change usually involves one other dress, not two.
Chinese favors can include things like chopsticks or anything with the symbol for “shuangxe”, or “double happiness”, on it will work nicely. Dragons and phoenixes are symbols of fidelity and happiness, and work as lovely decorations as well.
Last but not least, let’s talk about a little discussed part of Asia-India. Indian wedding traditions are just as beautiful as other Asian countries, although not necessarily as well known. In India, as part of the pre wedding ceremonies, the bride and her bridesmaids and family get together for a ladies sangeet. We would think of this as a bachelorette party. Unlike the stereotypical American version, however, the women in question meet at the bride’s home and bond with each other. One of the activities includes mehindi, or henna decoration. The belief is that the process is symbolic of the love between the bride and groom, and the stronger the color, the stronger the love. For the ceremony itself, the bride wears (depending on the region) a traditional red salwar kameez or langa as her wedding dress. The best part about these dresses is that they flatter just about everyone! Favors for this kind of wedding can be items like sandalwood fans, incense cones, or even little mehindi kits. Your guests will love the uniqueness and creativity behind each one.
It’s possible to have a beautiful Asian themed wedding without being disrespectful to the culture. With a little research, time and talent, your guests and you will have a wedding to remember.

About the Author:
If you are looking for Asian Wedding Favors or Garden Wedding Favors, we invite you to visit mrsweddingfavors where you will find a great selection of these and many other wedding favors and wedding accessories. With us you will find the Best Prices on the web plus we offer Free Shipping.

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You know that the real estate market has hit bottom when buyers are starting to bid above the list price for homes. With the large number of homes on the real estate market, real estate investors and first time home buyers are looking at the best priced homes. At times, bidding wars arise and homes [...]
by Aaron H.
With the newer traditions for the giving of wedding favors as way to say thank you to the guests that attend the wedding, comes a inexpensive way to add to the theme or decor of the event. Enhance a reception with wine or silver wedding favor is a lovely way to thank the guests that attend your event and gives a treasured reminder of a wonderful day fill with joy and happiness. The tiny treasure will make a nice conversation piece at the reception and latter when they show it to friend or family. This is a thank you they will always remember and cherish along with their memori
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es of that day
There is an assortment of different types of wine wedding favors to choose from like champagne bubbly bubble bath, or perhaps a set of wine charms in a beach theme (small star fish, miniature dolphin and seashells) all silver and lovely little treasures as a keepsake for years to come. There are also many types of bottle openers and bottle stopper that make lovely gifts for any one. It doesn’t matter which you choose any one will love the wine favors as a keepsake to treasure for years to come.
There are also many different silver wedding favors to match any theme that will enhance the dcor, adding a touch of elegance to the reception. One example would be a charming “Love” chrome letter opener. This little treasure comes in a cute pillow box and is not only beautiful, but is useful to anyone who ever opens mail. Every time it is used, it will bring back happy memories of the special day. Another gorgeous and useful item is a butterfly bookmark with a silk tassel, or even a silver cross bookmark with tassel. It is truly simple to locate silver wedding favors that will add a touch of elegance to the proceedings and make wonderful gifts for the guests.
Wine and silver wedding favors used as decorations makes decorating the reception hall less of a hardship. These items are possibly some of the least expensive items for a person to buy as decorations or anything else for the wedding.
Shopping for wine or silver wedding favors can be a lot less expensive online than it is in a local bridal shop. There are several reasons, including lower overhead for websites and more competition in a worldwide market place online when compared to local stores that must hire employees and maintain an inventory and do not have much if any competition. Shopping online is also more convenient because couples can shop anytime 24/7 instead of having to schedule time off work to visit a local shop while it is open.
Online shopping is just better all around than trying to take off work to go to a local store that will charge inflated prices to cover their overhead and pay them handsomely because they have no real competition. With better hours to shop, the peace of mind of not having a pushy salesperson looking over one’s shoulder, and paying lower prices, there is no need to ever shop in a local bridal shop again when looking Wine or silver wedding favors.

About the Author:
If you are looking for Wine Wedding Favors or Silver Wedding Favors, visit E-WeddingFavors who by far I have found has the best prices and the biggest selection of wine wedding favors & silver wedding favors.

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Fun and games are at least as important in a recession as in good economic times, so it’s heartening to know both can be obtained for free these days.The fun starts with Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 2. Independent comic book shops will be giving out free comic books in
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or.asp" target="_blank" mce_href="">locations across the country.  The games are courtesy of One Family’s Blog, which has done the homework on free and frugal video games for kids – including educational ones. Free Comic Book Day has been going on since 2002. The Wire writes about giveaways, guest appearances and contests to be held at many stores. We tried the store locator for the freebie and found three participating stores in our town alone. Deb Aoki at Deb’s Manga Blog doesn’t expect many classics will be given out Saturday, with the exception of “Shonen Jump,” which will feature an excerpt from Ultimo, the cross-cultural comics collaboration between comics legend Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei. Of course, supplies of this book are limited, as with all the free comic books, and may not be available at all stores. Get there early if you want your pick. Each visitor will get one free comic book and it’s first come, first served.If you’re looking for more educational fun, One Family’s Blog has the scoop. We tried the recommended Academic Skill Builders and PBS Kids sites and had a lot of fun learning subtraction with the Minus Mission and our colors with Curious George. We’d have to agree with blogger “ks” that these sites “provide user-friendly, outstanding content that is commercial-free as well as free of links to other products or sites.” Because computer games are limited by the point and click of a mouse, ks suggested that frugal parents’ next step might be to consider console TV games, writing: “They are all-in-one products with an integrated joystick and audio-video cable along with a set of games. There are no upgrade options, but the games are both functional and fun, making them a good bargain.”The frugal part comes in when you consider that some of the hardware can be obtained in closeout deals for as little as $5. The post provides a table of recommended games, hardware needs, list prices, best prices and batteries required -- all the information you need to get into the fun. Related reading:Trade or rent video games to save money With these Web sites, no reason to be stupid or boredRecession is child’s play for video gamesUsed video-game sales annoy EA
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