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Two dozen former and current IRS employees were indicted for claiming they were unemployed in order to receive more than $250,000 in jobless benefits, food stamps, welfare payments and housing vouchers.
Typically, insurance settlements for property damage or physical injury are not taxable, says CPA George Saenz.
If you paid someone to care for a dependent so you could work, a special tax credit could cut your IRS bill.
Buy-to-let landlords and second homeowners are under the scrutiny of HMRC as the UK tax authority strives to clamp down on duty evasion
A lot of Americans are out of work, but a job search might help cut their tax bills.
Avoidance schemes are a bad idea, but stamp duty is a tax crying out for reform
Tax fraud among prisoners has ballooned in recent years, with inmates pocketing millions of dollars in refunds a year.
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