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That's right - You cannot wait till the end of the year to save money on your taxes. True savings come by one tip only - plan ahead!
Fed meets today, and for mortgage borrowers, there's more potential for bad news than good.
Rates fall again, even as the Fed withdraws, and the mortgage world tries to figure out why.
Petitions, Answers, Custody, Child Support, Two Hearings or More, this article will help clear up the foggy path you are now walking!
If Fed's withdrawal makes mortgage rates rise, what will happen to loan modifications?
Repair and maintenance are two important factors in real estate business. Successful real estate businessmen knew how important it is to keep a house in perfect condition. Most of the real estate owners neglect repair and maintenance works throughout winter. This bad contractor will be a test of your patience and cool temper. He will stretch the work up to months. There will be unavoidable stress, tiring struggle and a number of fights. Dean Graiosi is a famous personality whose infomercial seri
BofA will forgive principal in a few mortgage modifications; will the practice spread?
Classroom Technology for Education helps teachers and students extend learning beyond the classroom setting. Advanced technology helps make teaching more effective and learning more fun.
A push to get servicers to reduce the principal of underwater borrowers sounds like a good idea.
Your tenant of five years has moved out, and the apartment is a disaster. Work needed to get the apartment ready for occupancy again is well above the amount of the security deposit. Here is where an annual apartment inspection could remind a tenant how you want it maintained during the lease period.
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