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Concur Technologies CEO Steve Singh wants to help you populate your expense report as you take your trip.

FORTUNE -- It's hard to get excited about expense reports. But Steve Singh, CEO of travel and expense management software provider Concur Technologies, says the corporate travel experience is about to get much, much better. A big part of that improvement will come from tapping into some of the trends on the consumer MORE

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Difficult to write and even harder to keep, New Year's resolutions are little promises of improvement. Here are some suggestions for some companies who stumbled last year.
The outgoing CEO admits that Microsoft is still in the "early days" of a turnaround.

FORTUNE -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer isn't done saying goodbye just yet. After a heartfelt speech to employees late last month, on Monday Ballmer published his final letter to shareholders, taking the opportunity to extoll the company's ongoing "transformation" into a devices and services provider and highlight its key milestones over the last year.

"We brought Windows MORE

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In the Fed's mirror, a stock market bubble is appearing farther away than it may actually be.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer breaks her silence about ending the work-from-home policy, saying it was "wrongly perceived as industry narrative."
As sea ice melts, one of climate change's economic impacts will be faster shipping through historically unnavigable routes in the Arctic.
If the latest economic projections from the European Commission are to be believed, expect greater socio-political fragility in 2013.
The company has been notoriously lagging in software-as-a-service. Enter one energetic and eccentric executive, Lars Dalgaard.

FORTUNE -- SAP's Lars Dalgaard has been called irrepressible, energetic and eccentric (and, according to at least one analyst, a "lunatic"). But he may be just what the stodgy company needs to give it a shot in the cloud.

As nimbler players like Salesforce (CRM) and soon-to-be-public Workday have expanded their cloud offerings and customer base, MORE

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