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Nicola Curry, a member of the American Ballet Theater, in her first homeowner role: proprietor of a cozy studio apartment with prewar charm on the Upper West Side.
Cheryl Kim, left, and Lauren Larson, winners of a contest to design Truffles Tribeca apartments, in one by Ms. Larson and Lyla Khalfan.
Marc Rosamilia plans to install a new kitchen and redo the bathroom.
A view of Cincinnatus Avenue between Castle Hill and Havemeyer Avenues. Housing in Castle Hill includes large developments as well as single-family and multifamily houses.
The Britannia is known for its eye-catching sculpture, including gnomish figures that are eating.
The original owner of the house built it with the coil of the nautilus shell in mind. The focal point of the main living area is the moss rock canopy over a section of the sofa.
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