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Seven charged with generating $7 billion in phony tax shelter losses.
Americans who want to follow how the health care debate could affect their tax bill should focus on one man in the next week: Max Baucus.
Taxpayers are waiting up to three months for repayments of overpaid tax due to the efficiency programme at Revenue & Customs, which has led to the closure of local offices and loss of experienced staff
A renewed push against evasion by Revenue & Customs aims to prise open the undisclosed offshore accounts of 'potentially hundreds of financial institutions' while offering a partial 'amnesty' to those who come forward voluntarily
President Obama has said he'd like to lower the tax load on families making less than $250,000 and to raise it on people who make more than that.
"Expenses" may have become a dirty word following the scandal that has engulfed politicians in recent weeks but self-employed people are still legitimately entitled to offset a number of overheads against profits for tax purposes.
As the map shows, the state and local tax bite varies greatly, depending on where you live.
Those who earn between £150,000 and £180,000 could be hit with an income tax rate of 71.5 per cent or more, from April 2011, if a raft of restrictions on the tax relief of pension contributions is introduced.
Taxpayers are having to wait months to receive refunds as HM Revenue and Customs battles a backlog of claims caused by a new system of security checks.
Private sector tax experts prepared to divulge their know-how to the Revenue have become the latest weapon in its battle against aggressive tax avoidance