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Options for Online Counselling Services in India Options for Online Counselling Services in India
A new feature in the iPhone operating system shows how much time you spend on your phone.
How you spend your time determines a lot about your financial circumstances, says Tom Corley, author of "Rich Habits."
Hough: Erratic price swings can work to the advantage of long-term investors.
I sometimes believe that I must be on every e-mini trading education program's mailing list because my inbox is constantly filled with the "latest and greatest" new system being brought to the market; the problem is, the vast majority of these systems are just the same rehash of a new combination of lagging indicators and moving averages. To make matters worse, these e-mini trading programs are selling for thousands of dollars. As a member of the e-mini trading education community and a devoted e-mini scalper I can only shake my head in bewilderment.
The availability and accessibility of day trading does not imply that the whole thing is easy. For a beginner, it's a pursuit that proves to be challenging. Needless to say, the financial risks are immense and it's easy to lose faith in the face of continuous losses. But if you stay the path, and endure its unforgiving initiation, you stand to make a living off it. Here are a 3 tips to ensure that your start is as smooth as possible.
Hough: Erratic price swings can work to the advantage of long-term investors.

"So whether you're 22 or 52, rich or poor, employed at your dream job or just working to get by, start participating in your 401(k) plan the moment you're eligible," writes Scott Holsopple of Smart401k. Take full advantage of any company match.

So I've been having a conversation with an old friend about various investment instruments in the market and why some investors struggle to make it (a term I use indicating that one is a successful investor) even though there are plenty of investments opportunities out there. One of the topics that we discussed - which was something we both agreed on (as we don't always agree with each other) was the fact that many investors fail to prioritise properly and to have a longer term view on what is required to be successful. More often than not, they like to use short term financial gains as their
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benchmark and they fail to understand the importance of focusing on the longer term rewards. Delayed Gratification was the term that my friend described and this is going to be the theme for today's article. Bringing this back into the trading world, to become a successful trader, there are things that are far more important than short term profits. In fact, you can pretty much ignore any one-off trading profits that you've made because they are just outliers. With that, the following are some reasons why money or profit goals should be secondary.
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