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Since the financial crisis, the government has become one of the largest holders of American debt, and critics say its inflexibility is holding back the recovery.
Company says it has raised more venture funding than any other Bitcoin startup.

FORTUNE -- BitPay is touting itself as the top dog in the Bitcoin payment processing space with an announcement Tuesday that it has raised $30 million in a funding round.

Its total accumulated funding: $32.7 million, according to a release.

The three-year-old startup has a celebrity list of investors, including PayPal's founder Peter Thiel, Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, and British

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The growth in wearable computing could also be a new source of profits.

FORTUNE -- Intel was slow to enter the mobile market, but the chipmaker says it is now taking steps to speed up development of its Atom chip line for mobile devices. It's also rushing ahead to provide silicon (and services) to another potentially hot market: wearables, a new product category which includes connected glasses and watches.

The company's top MORE

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The difference between HomeAway and its better known home rental rival? Profit.
The Thrillist Media Group CEO on e-commerce, what went wrong at Fab, and why he believes his company can be a $1 billion business.

FORTUNE -- With 9 million active readers, Thrillist Media Group will bring in more than $100 million in revenue this year, according to chief executive Ben Lerer. During a recent visit to the Thrillist New York offices, Fortune asked him for his thoughts on the future of commerce.

It's the MORE

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Basing it on the cost of tickets vs. miles flown is a way to cater to corporate customers.
The hot enterprise firm is only now putting its software online.

FORTUNE -- You might assume that a young, fast-growing enterprise software company like Tableau Software is all about the cloud -- a.k.a. selling and distributing applications over the web. But the Seattle-based company, which started out as a Stanford University research project in 2003, is only now launching a software-as-a-service version of its business intelligence tool, Tableau Server.

In May, Tableau MORE

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The price of gold and gold miner stocks are highly correlated, but the decline in stock prices in recent years has far outpaced the decline in the price of the actual metal.
The company's latest file-syncing product is better, yes. Will it draw in streams of new customers? Not likely.

FORTUNE -- Does the world really need another file storage service? Probably not, but (CRM) claims its new product, Salesforce Files, isn't just any ordinary "repository."

The San Francisco-based company announced an earlier version of the tool, a file-sharing service called Chatterbox, at last year's Dreamforce event (its annual customer lovefest, hosted by MORE

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